Marisa Blanes. Confidences of “a girl from Alcoy researcher and pianist” in Masía La Mota

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Interview in the inner courtyard of the hotel.

Surrounded by plants, the chirping of birds in the background and the tranquility of the charming hotel Masía La Mota. Ideal scenario to talk and get carried away by words, as we have done with Marisa Blanes, “a girl from Alcoy researcher and pianist”.


Several notes we have played with her: her career in front of the piano, the musical research, the ambitions, the special energy of her and her sisters … All this in a kind conversation in which we could not resist and we have accompanied her with her music background in the video.


“We are very mentally restless,” he confessed during the most intimate part of the interview when talking about his sisters, Carolina and Georgina Blanes, who left us in 2015. With humility, he commented that although it could be a reference to the piano nationwide , “that is not the most important”. The authors Alcoyanos Luis Blanes, Carlos Palacio and Amando Blanquer, with snacks in the house of the latter, have not been lacking in conversation. We do not reveal more, because if every musical work needs to be listened to from beginning to end, this interview deserves to be seen as well.

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